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Summary of books of the Bible

Old Testament 3,

Nehemiah to Hosea




Book Type of literature Highlights
Nehemiah History Civil account of the return from exile and renovation walls and gates of the temple
Esther History Account of Divine providence saving the Jews from the holocaust of Haman
Job History; Wisdom; Prose and Poetry Story of Job examplifing the mystery of suffering and testing to reveal character
Psalms Poetry Musical lyrics, although the music is lost, showing praise, worship and emotion
Proverbs Wisdom Obedience to God in daily life
Ecclesiastes Wisdom Vanity of worldliness
Song of Solomon Poetry Union and communion with the Bridegroom typifies the church and Christ
Isaiah Prophecy Prophet of the God the Son, Christ Jesus
Jeremiah Prophecy Prophet of the God the Father
Lamentations Prophecy Jeremiah's lament over the fall of Jerusalem
Ezekiel Prophecy Prophet of the God the Spirit
Daniel History; Prophecy Accounts of events during the captivity; Prophecies of empires; End time prophecies
Hosea Prophecy Exhibition of God's desire for, and method in, the restoration of backsliders

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