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Manners and Customs of the Bible

Freeman's Handbook of Bible Manners and CustomsHave you ever read the Bible and wondered why a character did or said something a certain way or why certain events took place the way they did? Learning the cultural significance of certain events in the Bible enriches your Bible study.

If you want to know about God through the Bible, you need to dedicate yourself to serious and in-depth Bible study by studying the customs of people in the Bible. Knowing the background of the culture of people in the Bible and more about their daily lives helps to understand the Scriptures better.

Though the Bible is adapted to all nations, it is in many respects an Oriental book. It represents the modes of thought and the peculiar customs of a people who, in their habits, widely differ from us. One who lived among them for many years has graphically said:

"Modes, customs, usages, all that you can set down to the score of the national, the social, or the conventional, are precisely as different from yours as the east is different from the west. They sit when you stand; they lie when you sit; they do to the head what you do to the feet; they use fire when you use water; you shave the beard, they shave the head; you move the hat, they touch the breast; you use the lips in salutation, they touch the forehead and the cheek; your house looks outwards, their house looks inwards; you go out to take a walk, they go up to enjoy the fresh air; you drain your land, they sigh for water; you bring your daughters out, they keep their wives and daughters in; your ladies go barefaced through the streets, their ladies are always covered."

A book of manners and customs of the Bible, arranged not in the form of a dictionary, but in the order in which they occur in the Bible, seems to be the most natural for Bible study.

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