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Harmony of the Gospels

By combining the Gospel accounts into chronological order, a Harmony of the Gospels will enlighten you more about Jesus Christ than by reading one gospel at a time. There is something about reading the accounts together that really brings the stories to life.

The harmony helps you to clarify what goes with what. It shows myriads of details that will be missed by reading each Gospel's account one at a time.

You will notice the development of the controversies between Jesus and the Jewish leaders, and between Jesus and the village of Capernaum.

A chronological guide, such as a harmony, will make it easier to see the connections between events in Jesus' life.

Even if you read the Gospels frequently, a harmony adds a lot to your perspective and understanding of Jesus' earthly ministry by filling in gaps of the overlapping records.

Jesus' ministry had several distinct shifts with regard to His public and private life which becomes clear.

Some harmonies have helpful scholarly notes.

A Harmony of the Gospels will be a valuable addition to your personal library.

If you want to know more about Jesus, His disciples, and you want to grow closer to the Lord this is a great book to help with all of these things.

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The NIV Harmony of the Gospels

A Harmony of the Gospels: New American Standard Edition

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