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Encyclopaedia Biblica

If you are looking into purchasing an encyclopedia of the Bible you should take a look at Encyclopaedia Biblica. This is also known as Encyclopaedia Biblica: A Critical Dictionary of the Literary, Political and Religion History, the Archaeology, Geography and Natural History of the Bible. This is a Bible encyclopedia that is not meant for the faint of heart. Published first in 1899-1903 it is a reference book that is critical in theological and biblical studies.

This book was edited by Thomas Kelly Cheyne and J. Sutherland Black. This encyclopedia is a four volume reference work that is often referred to as Enc. Bib. or as Cheyne and Black. This encyclopedia contains an article that covers every book of the Old Testament, every book of the New Testament, and the traditional Apocrypha. Not only does this encyclopedia cover all of that, it also covers every single name and place in both in the Bible and Apocrypha, and it also covers many improper nouns. It also has many articles about the events and concepts in the Bible.

These various articles were written by a variety of significant biblical scholars. This encyclopedia was written for the Bible student. To this day it remains a classic reference source and is highly recommended for Bible students. This momentous Bible work is often referenced by other Biblical and general encyclopedias such as the Catholic Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica and the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE). In addition to this, the Jewish Encyclopedia quotes large sections from this work.

The articles in Encyclopaedia Biblica are still very relevant to modern scholars, writers, and religious commentators. In general, this is an excellent reference for any biblical scholar looking for a Bible encyclopedia. This resource is part of our ebooks for Bible study reference collection. Or if you are looking to purchase a hard copy of it, you can purchase it from  Encyclopaedia Biblica: A Critical Dictionary of the Literary Political and Religious History the Archaeology Geography and Natural History of the Bible, Four Volumes

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