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on Data DVD

Published by
Treasures Beyond Measure

Most of these reference books are from the 19th century and are not found in contemporary Bible software packages.

They are in (Portable Document Format) PDF and you need a freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read them. You may print up the pages you need to help with your Bible Study.

Most of these ebooks are made from scanned image pages.

Here are the Contents of the disk:


  •  Fullylove, Holy Land (Paintings + Descriptions) 

 Bible Atlas + Poster:

  •  Atlas Of Ancient Egypt
  •  Bible Map Poster, send electronically to Kwikprint and pick up your 11" X 17" large poster from them.  Costs about 2 bucks.
  •  Bible Maps
  •  Calkuoft, Historical Geography Of Bible Lands
  •  NewBiblicalAtlas
  •  Rand-McNally Bible Atlas
  •  Revells Bible Atlas
  •  Smith, Historical Geography Of The Holy land

 Bible + Church Music:

  •  Handbook Of Bible And Church Music
  •  Music Of The Bible

 Bible Characters:

  •  Bible Characters 1
  •  Bible Characters 2
  •  Bible Characters 3
  •  Bible Characters 4
  •  Bible Characters 5
  •  Bible Characters 6
  •  Christ, The Fulfilment Of Prophecy
  •  Historical Outline Of The Life Of Christ Download here.
  •  Women Of The Bible

Bible Crosswords:

  • 78 Bible Crosswords, These puzzles can help you improve your English skills and your knowledge of the Bible.
  • Scripture Crosswords, Crosswords start easy and get harder as they progress through the book.

Bible Money:

  •  Coins Of The Bible
  •  Money Of The Bible

 Biblical Archeology:

  •  Babel And Bible
  •  Jahn's Biblical Archaeology

Biblical Places + Peoples: Travel books and others.

  •  Accuracy Of The Bible
  •  History Of The Jewish People In The Time Of Christ
  •  Land Of Moab: Travels
  •  Lands And Peoples Of The Bible
  •  Later Biblical Researches In Palestine: Travel
  •  Names And Places In The Bible, Set up in alphabetical order in a table format with Bible references to each place.  Download here.
  •  The Unvarying East: Modern Scenes  And Ancient Scriptures.

 Day Of Crucifixion:

  •  Day Of Crucifixion, Which day of the week was Jesus' crucifixion? This book explains that it was a Wednesday, not a Friday.

 Dictionaries + Encyclopedia:

  •  Bible Text Cyclopedia
  •  Dictionary Of The Holy Bible
  •  Encyclodaedia Biblica, Volumes 1-4 (complete)
  •  Illustrated Bible Treasury, Lots of illustrations
  •  International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Volumes  1-5 (complete)
  •  Key To The Chronology Of The New Testament 
  •  Symbolism In The Bible And Church

How To Study The Bible:

  •  A Scripture Help
  •  Busy Man's Bible
  •  How To Study The Bible : Pleasure And Profit In Bible Study Download here.

 Manners + Customs Of The Bible:

  •  Bible Lands: Customs And Manners Illustrative Of Scripture
  •  Handbook Of Bible Manners + Customs
  •  Peasant Life in the Holy Land

 Natural History + The Bible:

  •  Bible, Science And Faith
  •  Birds Of The Bible
  •  Facts And Fossils Proving The Flood Of Noah
  •  Fauna And Flora Of Palestine
  •  MedicaSacra: Diseases Mentioned In The Scriptures, very old book (18th century).
  •  Natural History Of The Bible
  •  Nature And The Bible Volumes 1-2 (complete)
  •  Palestine: Physical Geography + Natural History of the Holy Land
  •  Plants And Trees Of Scripture
  •  Scripture Natural History by Carpenter
  •  Scripture Natural History: TreesAndPlants

This collection is Treasures Beyond Measure 2009

US$ 10.00, 1 Computer Data DVD

  Treasures Beyond Measure 2008 All rights reserved.
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