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Scripture Crossword Puzzles eBook


Gertrude Germann

Reprinted from a 1925 book
The Pencil Puzzle Connection

2004 Ken Stiles

15 Crosswords

Crosswords start easy and get harder as they progress through the book. 

The Scripture Crossword Puzzles eBook is in PDF electronic format and needs the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Just print up and solve.

Crossword puzzles are entertaining for young and old, as well as instructive and stimulating to the mind. We have produced this inexpensive Bible Crossword Puzzle book, expecting it will be used by Sunday school and Sabbath school teachers and youth ministry leaders, as well as many others who want to diligently search the Scriptures for hidden treasures.

Besides increasing one's Bible vocabulary, it will help the solver to become familiar with the books of the Bible and to turn more readily to Scripture references. It will teach one how to use a Bible dictionary and Bible concordance. A knowledge will be gained of Bible history, persons, places, birds and animals, and it is hoped that whole passages will be read, where single references are given.

When several people are working on the same puzzle, it will no doubt bring up discussions and the older Christian will have many opportunities to share the Gospel with youth. We feel confident that these puzzles will prove to be, in many cases, the opening avenue to deeper Bible research.

Where the definition gives you an unfamiliar name, use your Bible dictionary or concordance and it will direct you to the Scripture passages in which you will then be able to find the answer. Don't be afraid to ask your friends to help you. They will be interested and you can make it a real lively game. Only Bible words are to be used in these puzzles. No answers for these puzzles are provided; however, you will know you have solved them when all the words fit into their required spaces. Wouldn't it be good to learn more of what's in your Bible? 

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78 Bible Christian Crossword Puzzles eBook

by Ken Stiles

Published by
The Pencil Puzzle Connection
2003 Ken Stiles

Just print up these puzzles and solve. Cover up the answer when you are solving, but if you get stuck, try a thesaurus first before you take a peek at the answer.

The Bible Crossword Puzzles eBook is in PDF electronic format and needs the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Build Your Vocabulary!
  • Learn About the Bible!
  • Improve Your Spelling!

Build Your Vocabulary

You can learn new words and their meanings without doing boring repetitive drills. Wouldn't you like to improve your vocabulary?

Learn About the Bible

At least six of the words in each crossword puzzle relate to the Bible. Wouldn't you like to learn more of the Bible?

Improve Your Spelling

Each letter in each puzzle appears in two different words. This interlocking feature helps improve your spelling. Only the right words fit into the squares. You would like to improve your spelling, wouldn't you?

These puzzles can help you improve your English skills and your knowledge of the Bible. Great for adult Sunday or Sabbath School take-home lessons. Great for advanced adult English-as-a-second-language students (ESL). So much to learn for so little an investment. You wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity, would you?

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