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52 Inspiring Bible Questions To Prepare Sunday School Lessons

Bible questions for Bible study.Great Bible Teachers ask great questions from the Word, about the Word, and for the glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Great questions are at the heart of interactive Bible study. You need to ask the right questions, consistently, in order for people to learn!  

Jesus Christ, our Savior, Master, Teacher, Friend, and Lord asked questions and sometimes he answered a question with a question! Of course Jesus already knew the answer. He didn't ask questions for information. Jesus asked the questions for our benefit!

Physiologists and psychologists tell us our brains are "wired" for learning in two specific ways: through stories, and asking & answering questions.

Short of prayer, asking good questions will do more to improve your teaching effectiveness of the Bible. Good questions challenge our minds and active minds are learning minds. Questions can range from analyzing perspectives to using the imagination to "experience" the story.

The best teachers also ask questions that can bring a response from ordinary people. These are questions that can challenge, but won't scare them. Most people can get new and deeper insights in the Word of God this way.

Bible teachers need a set of questions that are re-usable, are portable, and can teach to any group about any Bible verse. 

Need Questions like these for a Great Bible Study Lesson?  No Problem!

No matter what teaching experience you may have, you can use these real-world tested questions to boost your Bible study both personal, group, or class.

He explains exactly:

  • How to adapt them to your situation,
  • How to use the questions with different ages,
  • How well the questions work with believers and seekers,
  • Examples of Bible verses where the questions are effective.

"Your questions are a lifesaver, Glenn! They shorten my preparation time and give me a launching pad for discussion with my teenage students. Because of the way the questions are phrased, I can use them straight "out of the box" or use them as the framework to think of and ask different questions that really get my group talking -- which as you well know, is where learning really happens. I keep a copy of 52 Model Questions in my Bible and tell all the Bible teachers I know to do the same." --Joel Wesseldyke, youth pastor.

Every one of these 52 questions has been field-tested in the real world! He's tried hundreds of questions on different classes over many years. These are the cream of the crop. He's been using some of these questions successfully for many years. He expects to use them effectively till the Kingdom comes; I'm convinced these same questions will be effective throughout your lifetime, and beyond.

You can get a copy of the PDF ebook at this website.

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