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Bible dictionaryChoosing the Best Bible Dictionary for You

Deciding to spend more time learning about God and the world around us by studying the Holy Bible is an admirable goal. Unfortunately, many people who begin this great endeavor soon find themselves frustrated with the difficult language and giving up reasoning that it is just too difficult or boring for them to do. 

Neither of those things is true, however and with the right attitude and tools, including a good Bible dictionary, the task becomes much lighter and more enjoyable. The people and places in the Bible can seem a million miles away when we do not understand certain basic aspects of their lives and attitudes. 

Many things that were commonplace during biblical times are completely extinct today and without understanding what these things are and their significance to the context of what we are reading, the basic meaning of a passage can be lost getting the biblical terms definitions can make all the difference.

The King James Version of the Bible was translated during the early 1600's and is full of flowery language that was the custom of that time. The combination of words and phrases that were common to the 1600's that are no longer used today (over 6500 words) and the traditions and things of biblical times that have become obsolete make for a difficult read for the average person. 

Having a Bible dictionary that gives the biblical terms and definitions that are specific to the King James Version of the Bible can make the difference between being completely lost and getting a good grasp on the text. Once a person understands the meaning of words and some of the history and traditions of the people they are reading about, the Bible becomes much more enjoyable and has greater meaning to the reader. 

Of course, if a person is reading another version of the Bible they will want to find a Bible dictionary that is geared toward that version. Your denomination might be another factor in determining which Bible dictionary is right for you. 

Smith's Bible Dictionary is another classic choice that was written in the late 1800's and contains many illustrations and photographs that can enhance the understanding of biblical terms and their definitions. 

Eaton's and Baker's Evangelical Bible dictionaries are other popular choices and can be cross-referenced to maximize understanding and bring greater clarity to studies.

In short, using a Bible dictionary is a must for anyone who wants to undertake a meaningful study of the Bible. Things have changed a great deal over the last 2000 years. The English language has become diluted and extremely casual since its grand days in the 1600's and the people of today need a Bible dictionary to help make up the difference.

We now offer Old Christian Bible Study Books on a Data DVD that includes Bible dictionaries.. (A Bible dictionary is available to read online.)

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