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Imagine listening to a chapter or a complete book in your car every day! Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. This will change your life. You will be in the word daily. There will be no excuse for not reading or listening to your Bible. If you have trouble reading, have bad vision, or can't read. then you must get an audio Bible on CD or download one today and start your walk with God right away. The Talking Bible International is for those without a computer or CD player or can't read both here in the USA and in other countries.


Lives have been changed by listening daily to an Audio Bible. Of course you should also study your Bible; but listening daily brings new meanings to the Scriptures. What do you have to lose? You will be satisfied. Lots of people have had praises about the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives through an audio Bible!

“My Audio Bible led me to the Lord and helped me to become a whole person...

“[My Audio Bible] has totally changed my life because I am able to listen to the entire Bible instead of waiting until Sunday and hear a verse or two at church. Now I can read it on my own, whenever I want.” --David Moore

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